Winter Bowl Filler

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Each year I add a new decor piece to my Christmas collection. I have gotten away from traditional red and green over the years and have been using more neutral pieces. I decided to create a winter bowl filler for my coffee table that would work for Christmas, but carry throughout the winter as well.

I do a lot of online ‘browsing’ for my business, and I’m constantly seeing inspiration everywhere. One day I was creating a post for my LTK page, and I stumbled upon a piece of art that featured a gold bowl with greenery. I thought it was beautiful and decided to recreate it for my coffee table. Here is a look at the art that inspired this little DIY:

My bowl filler

Here’s a look at how my own bowl filler turned out. It’s not exactly like the art print, but the whole point was that I used it as inspiration.

Get the look

I just happened to have an old fern garland on hand, so I cut it up to use as my main filler. (I also had extra berry stems on hand from last winter, so I used those as well.) The only purchase I made for this project was the gold bowl. (You can find that bowl here.)

This is such an easy DIY and can be done on a budget. I’ll include some options for stems at the bottom of this post, but remember, you can use what you have on hand, or purchase stems when they are half off at Hobby Lobby to help save a little extra money.

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