Vintage Shopping: Part Two

My Thrifted Finds: Part Two of Our Road Trip Across America

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If you read my post a few weeks ago, then you will know that my husband and I took a road trip and stopped at several antique stores along the way. (You can read that post here if you missed it.) In the previous post I broke down the information on all the stores that we stopped at in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Once we departed SLC, we passed through Grand Junction, Colorado and stopped at the cutest antique store called A Robin’s Nest.

This store is huge. There is actually a downstairs that I wasn’t able to see until I was walking back out, so I’m sure I would have been in there for hours if I had the time.

I only ended up with the coffee grinder and you can see how I styled it (below) when we got home.

Even though this is a kitchen item, I think it is unique and love the way it looks on my thrifted nightstand.

Grand Junction to Colorado Springs…

After our brief stop in Grand Junction, we drove the rest of the way to Colorado Springs. (Side note; if you ever get a chance to visit Colorado Springs, go. It is a beautiful place with so much to do.) The first store we stopped at was American Classics Marketplace. Once again I was blown away by the sheer size of yet another huge store. This store actually uses street signs inside so that you know where you are and can remember what you have already seen.

Sometimes large stores can be very overwhelming, but I actually just enjoyed strolling the ‘streets,’ and seeing everything there was to offer. I ended up taking home the ginger jar on the right.

I love this ginger jar but haven’t decided where I’m going to keep it. Here are a few options, and I’d love to know which one you like best!

I’m really liking the way it looks in my kitchen, but it might not be the safest place for it. I’m going to keep all three of these places in mind, though, as I continue to work on decorating these spaces in my house.

Colorado Springs: Sweet William Antique Mall

By the time we got to Sweet William Antique Mall, I was looking for something more specific. I want to do some kind of framed art for either my living room wall, or on the mantel. This store had a ton of botanical pages from books that they were selling individually. They were about $4 each, and the best part is that there is a pretty botanical image on the front and the back of each sheet. So when I want a fresh look, I can just turn the page around. One of the prints is shown above with my ginger jar on the mantel, but I’ll share another way that I have displayed it.

There simply isn’t enough time to show everything that I snapped pictures of, or everything that I ended up with. You’ll have to follow along to see the other pieces that I came home with as I incorporate them into my decor. To receive blog posts straight to your inbox, sign up here!

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