The Easiest & Quickest Vase Transformation

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I recently went shopping with my mom, and we decided to stop at At Home. I haven’t been there in ages, so I was really excited to stroll down every single aisle! I found several new decor pieces for my home, and many of them I found on sale. I love scoring unique pieces for great prices! If you are looking for great decor pieces like vases, bowls, taper holders, etc., then find your local At Home store and be prepared to take your time because they are huge stores! (You can even shop some of their items online.)

I found this pitcher/vase for only $9. I loved the shape, but the color wasn’t what I wanted. I grabbed it anyway because I knew I could easily transform it with paint. Paint is the easiest way to transform anything!

It’s easy to pass over something if it isn’t just quite right. Like I said, the color wasn’t what I wanted, but isn’t the shape unique and fun?

I just used paint that I had on hand. This is some ceiling paint that I used in my boys’ bedroom after we had the ceiling redone, so it is a great bright white and it has a flat finish.

I did a total of three coats. (Just wait between each coat to make sure it is fully dry). You can use any paint and even do a layer of polycrylic over it to give it a little sheen and added protection. I opted to keep mine as is since it isn’t in a wet location and doesn’t need to be protected. I can always go back and add a protective coat if I decide to move it near the kitchen sink or bathroom counter.

Here are a few ways I have styled this vase around my home:

I absolutely love how it turned out and it looks even better with a little greenery sticking out of it. I’m ready for my next little DIY project already!

I’m curious how many of you have done the same thing and how it turned out. Let me know in the comments below.

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