Styling Our Home: Living Room Progress

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Our progress so far…

In the last blog post that I did on our living room progress, I shared some before pictures of a blank wall that we updated with paint and wall paneling. If you missed that post, you can read that here. While not much has changed as far as styling goes on that main wall, we’ve added other touches to the decor in the living room.

One thing that our living room was lacking was a large area rug. Since my floors are dark, and my couch is dark, I wanted a rug that would have some contrast. I know that darker area rugs are in style now, but for our home, light just seems to work better. One tip when choosing a light rug: pick one with a lot of pattern so that it will hide dirt and stains easily.

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Mantel decor

Another area of our living room that was lacking personality, was the mantel of the fireplace. I really love our fireplace. It sits between the living room and sitting room and is two-sided. So when the fireplace is on, you can enjoy it from the living room or sitting room.

We are still adding touches here and there to this space. I actually ordered a new accent table to put next to my armchair because I borrowed the accent table from the sitting room and now that area is empty. I’ll be sure to share more updates as they happen.

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