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Disclaimer: This page contains affiliate links. By clicking a link and purchasing, I may receive a small commission. See my disclosure here. Thank you to Goodpick for sponsoring this post and for gifting me this great basket.

I’m partnering again today with Goodpick to share with you another great storage solution for your home. I’ve received a few baskets and organizational products from them over the last year, and I’m excited to share another item with you today. Goodpick recently sent me this extra large cotton rope basket and I had fun putting it in different spots in my house. (Check out some of the other organizational products they have sent me, like my favorite kitchen ziplock bag organizers here, and this fantastic wrap dispenser for your kitchen here.)

Bedroom storage

I’m a huge fan of throw pillows, and I have several on my bed. However, I don’t like throwing them on the floor at night, so I try to stack them around the room when I’m turning the covers down for the night. Since they usually fall on the floor at some point anyway, having a large basket to put some of them in works so much better. It keeps them off the floor, and it is aesthetically pleasing.

Living room accent piece

I love anything that has a dual purpose: function and form. Baskets are a great way to add extra storage to your home, and they act as decor items as well. I don’t have an end table next to my armchair in my living room, so adding a basket with pillows and a blanket gives this area a cozy vibe and works well to fill the space. This basket is quite deep (21.7″x21.7″x13.8″), so you can actually fold several blankets and hide them in the bottom. (This is a great spot if you like to do movie nights and want extra pillows and blankets for everyone.)

Bathroom laundry hamper

Another great spot for this basket is in the bathroom. Our downstairs bathroom is not the largest, but this basket fits nicely in the corner. You can use it to toss dirty towels in or your dirty clothes at the end of the day. (If you have room in a cabinet or closet in the bathroom, this would be a great place to store extra toilet paper.)

Toy storage

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen me share this area in stories. My youngest son loves puzzles and gets about 10-15 floor puzzles/small puzzles out each day. He’s really good about cleaning them up every night, but we’ve just been stacking them next to my sitting room table. I had an idea to try stacking them in this basket instead.

Thank you, Goodpick for this basket and sponsoring this post. If you are interested in shopping their products, head over to their website here. To shop this basket, click here. To shop the rest of my home, I’ll include links below.

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