Sitting area progress

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Sharing the progress so far…

When we first moved in, we had this small area in front of the fireplace just off the kitchen that I wasn’t quite sure what to do with. At first, I decided that we would put a small table there for a casual dining nook. But then I decided that we could just use our formal dining room for all meals and use the other area as a sitting area.

I’m so glad that I decided to go the sitting area route, because I have spent many hours curled up in the accent chairs, reading, drinking coffee, and playing games with my kids. Here are a few pictures of the area rug, chairs, and ottoman that I chose for this area.

Blank wall in the sitting area…

Another area that I wasn’t sure what to do with was a blank wall right off the sitting area. Once I designated this area as a sitting area, I decided to hang a large canvas art piece on the opposite wall. After that, I decided that it needed something else, and I found an entryway table to put there. I was never fully happy with how the decor on that wall came together, and finally I realized that I just didn’t like the canvas print there. That’s when I decided to do a mirror instead.

While I still like this canvas art print, it was hung originally too high for this table, and even though I lowered it, I still wasn’t happy with it there. I definitely like the mirror there instead, and I feel like this wall has a lot more character than it did before. The only thing I am planning on changing is the baskets. I want something a little larger to help fill the space under the table.

Fireplace decor

I’ve shared the decor above my fireplace in other blog posts, but since it is part of the sitting area, I will share again. I haven’t changed this area up at all since I initially decorated it back in February.

I kept the green stems pretty much all spring and summer, but decided to change them out for something a little darker for fall and winter.

I’m really pleased with how this entire area has tied together. There are a few little touches I need to add (like some decor to the accent table), but other than that it is mostly finished.

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