Pillow Upgrade: My New Memory Foam Pillow

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Finding better sleep…

I don’t know about you, but the older I get, the harder sleep is to come by. I think it starts when you have children. You ache for good sleep when you’re up all night with the baby, but then they grow up and start sleeping through the night and you are left wide awake.

I have a few tricks to try and get good sleep: melatonin, and I use three pillows; one under my head, and then one under each side for support. I still wake up with neck and back pain, however.

Phantoscope reached out to me a few weeks ago and asked if I wanted to review their memory foam pillow. Since I have struggled with pain, I absolutely wanted to try a new pillow! When it arrived, I completely expected to open the box up and just pull out a fluffy new pillow. That is not how it happened, however. The pillow comes flat and rolled up, and there are a few steps involved for customizing it to your comfort.

If you watch the videos, I explain that in order to give the pillow shape, you should put in the dryer for about ten minutes to fluff it up. After I did that, I pulled it out and it was huge! Very fluffy and soft.

You can see that the pillow on the left is now very fluffy. Quite different from the flat package I received in the mail! In the center photo you can see what is inside the pillow. This is the foam that expanded once I dried the pillow to fluff it. On the right you can see that they sent more foam so you can easily add more in if you need it. (You can also remove some of the foam if it is too big.) They also sent two different pillow protectors: one that is warmer, and one that is cooler. I am using the cooler one because I tend to sleep very hot.

As for how this pillow performs, I have to say that I love it. I can’t believe that it is so soft, yet so supportive. Usually pillows with soft foam (or even down pillows) start out very fluffy but then the weight of your head turns it into a pancake after a few hours. So far this pillow has not done that. My head goes down and the pillow cradles and supports it. My neck has not hurt after using this, either. So, my old pillow has officially been replaced.

Thank you to Phantoscope for sending me this new pillow and for the beautiful new pillow covers shown below!

You can shop the above pillow covers here and here, and the memory foam pillow here. After taking these photos, my three-year-old decided that it was his turn to pose for pictures. How did he do?

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