Neutral Living Room Inspiration

Since I am in the middle of decorating my living room, I have been enjoying putting together several mood boards. Each one I create is so different, but I love elements from all of them. (You can see a few of those boards here, here, and here.)

A few weeks ago, one of the mood boards that I put together featured furniture and accessories all from Walmart. This time, all of the items are from Target. I know most of us love Target, so I thought this would be a fun one to do!

What I love about this room is that it is light and bright, but there is still color with the rug and the tree, and texture with the lamp and the bowl. I have the floor lamp and the rattan adds such a beautiful touch to an otherwise ordinary lamp.

Shop the mood board!

  • Floor lamp (shop here)
  • Couch (shop here)
  • Throw pillow (shop here)
  • Coffee table (shop here)
  • Decorative bowl (shop here)
  • Area rug (shop here)
  • Accent table (shop here)
  • Vase (shop here)
  • Faux olive tree (shop here)
  • Art (shop here)

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