Natural Decor: Incorporating Wood Decor Into Your Home

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I’ve rounded up a few decor items that all have the same natural element: wood. I love how there are so many choices now. I feel like in the past, wood decor items either had a farmhouse or a coastal feel, but now this trend has spread to many different other styles so that it is easy to find something that fits your taste.

Left collage:

  • Eucalyptus wood pot (shop here)
  • Serving spoons (shop here)
  • Chain decor (shop here)
  • Long wooden tray (shop here)
  • Wooden bowl (shop here)

Right collage:

  • Abstract decor (shop here)
  • Wood candle holder (shop here)
  • Grass wood pot (shop here)
  • Sugar blossom candle (shop here)
  • White brush wooden tray (shop here)
  • Pillar candle (shop here)
  • Wooden bead garland (shop here)
  • Pyramid vase (shop here)

I have a very similar wooden bowl (like the one pictured in the first collage), and I have it on my entryway table with wrapped candlesticks in it. You can fill with greenery or fake fruit and put in the entry or in your kitchen. Here is what my bowl looks like:

I’ve shared these collages to my shop page, but having them as a blog post in the shop category makes it easier to find what you are looking for a little more quickly.

I’ve also found a few things on Amazon that are so cute:

Let me know in the comments what your favorite is. Do you own a lot of wood pieces and how do you incorporate them into your home?

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