My Kids’ Room Storage Solution: Rotating Bookshelf

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Today I wanted to share with you the perfect space-saving, clever storage solution for bedrooms. But first, let me give you a little bit of background as to why I’m writing a whole blog post on a bookshelf.

We recently moved from Louisiana to Florida, and while the house that we got is a good size, the storage is seriously lacking. I’ve been trying to slowly add clever storage solutions to spaces to help with that problem.

Lazy Susan Bookshelf

I’m currently working on redoing my little boys’ room. We are doing pretty much all new furniture, so I was looking for a nice accent table to go next to their swivel chair. (My ten year old is a avid reader, so I wanted a cozy corner for him to read.) I had a nice accent table in mind, but I went down the rabbit hole searching for storage solutions and stumbled upon this lazy Susan bookshelf. I was intrigued, because I had never seen one before. I knew immediately that it would be perfect for us. It is the right size as far as an accent table goes, but the best part is the book storage.

Would you believe me if I told you that I have close to 90 books on this shelf? That took a huge pile of books out of a box and instantly gave them a spot.

The table comes disassembled and unfinished, but it was pretty easy to put together. The instructions recommended that you assemble the table first and then stain the table, so I did just that. I gave it 24 hours to dry, and then I sealed it with a finishing wax. I let that dry for roughly 24 hours, and then I loaded all the books onto it.

*I would recommend not overloading the unit, as it may make it harder to spin.

{Adding stain to the unfinished wood, left, and finishing wax to seal, right.}

Bookshelf finds for kids

I am going to share several options for this type of bookshelf if you decide that this is something you need as well. It is such a great idea, and there are so many options available.

Shop the post

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    *At the time of this post, our bookshelf was out of stock. Here is the link to the same brand, but in a 4 tier version. (Check back if you are looking for the 2 tier version, or see the other options above.)

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