Living Room Inspiration: Mixing Modern Neutrals

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I’ve spent the last few days working on a few inspiration boards with the living room in mind. I’m currently in the middle of decorating and painting our living room and have been looking at rugs, art, lamps, etc. I thought it would be fun to put together few collages with some living room inspiration.

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Left collage:

  • Sconces (shop here)
  • Canvas art (shop here)
  • Floor lamp (shop here)
  • Console table (shop here)
  • Vase with handles (shop here)
  • Boxwood plant (shop here)
  • Striped pillows (shop here)
  • Lumbar pillow (shop here)
  • Leather couch (shop here)
  • Rug (shop here)
  • Ottomans (shop here)

Right collage:

  • Canvas art (shop here)
  • Faux olive tree (shop here)
  • Basket for tree (shop here)
  • Area rug (shop here)
  • Coffee table (shop here)
  • Set of two vases (shop here)
  • Accent chair (shop here)
  • Accent table (shop here)
  • Lamp (shop here)
  • Sofa (shop here)
  • Lumbar pillow (shop here)

Which look is your favorite? I love both, and might actually pull a few elements from each one into my own living room design. Thanks for reading!

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