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Coastal Kitchen Finds: Incorporating Blue and Cream Tones For Summer

There’s something about summer that has me dreaming of blue and cream tones in the kitchen. Summer is such a fun time to put away the everyday dishes and use items with a little more color and pattern. I don’t think that more color or patterns necessarily mean bright flashy colors (although I love those, and you might see a post with that soon).

Left collage:

  • Drinking glasses (shop here)
  • Oyster plate (shop here)
  • Dinner plates (shop here)
  • Salad serving spoons (shop here)
  • Bamboo salad bowl (shop here)
  • Blue and white pitcher (shop here)

Right collage:

  • Gold spoons (shop here)
  • Ruffle loaf pan (shop here)
  • Salad plates (shop here)
  • Wood vase (shop here)
  • Ruffle pitcher (shop here)
  • Dough bowl (shop here)
  • Ruffle mugs (shop here)

Natural Decor: Incorporating Wood Decor Into Your Home

I’ve rounded up a few decor items that all have the same natural element: wood. I love how there are so many choices now. I feel like in the past, wood decor items either had a farmhouse or a coastal feel, but now this trend has spread to many different other styles so that it is easy to find something that fits your taste.

  • Eucalyptus wood pot (shop here)
  • Serving spoons (shop here)
  • Chain decor (shop here)
  • Long wooden tray (shop here)
  • Wooden bowl (shop here)
  • Abstract decor (shop here)
  • Wood candle holder (shop here)
  • Grass wood pot (shop here)
  • Sugar blossom candle (shop here)
  • White brush wooden tray (shop here)
  • Pillar candle (shop here)
  • Wooden bead garland (shop here)
  • Pyramid vase (shop here)

Textured Home Decor

If there’s one trend that I’m loving in home decor, it is definitely woven materials. They add so much interest to your everyday decor and can elevate a space. I’ve put together a few collages with items that can be used indoors and outdoors.

Left collage:

  • Bamboo woven bowl (shop here)
  • Rattan wrapped bottle (shop here)
  • Decorative tray (shop here)
  • Woven basket (shop here)

Right collage:

  • Boxwood plant (shop here)
  • Outdoor table (shop here)
  • Woven fringe rug (shop here)
  • Natural jute floor pouf (shop here)
  • Outdoor chair (shop here)

Unique Kitchen Finds For Summer

While I was working on my kitchen finds post (see the post below), I found a lot of colorful items that would be perfect for the kitchen this summer. There is just something about having cute measuring cups, spoons, and bakeware to get me excited about cooking and baking this summer!

Left collage:

  • Lemon measuring cups (shop here)
  • Lemon baking dish (shop here)
  • Lemon pie dish (shop here)
  • Yellow pie dish (shop here)

Right collage:

  • 8 piece spoon/scoop set (shop here)
  • Set of 3 colorful baking dishes (shop here)
  • Citrus ramekins (shop here)

Unique Kitchen Finds

There’s nothing better than classic black and white, in my opinion. It will always be in style. I selected a few kitchen pieces with black and white prints that I absolutely love. If you have fun bakeware, it makes spending time in the kitchen just a little easier! Follow the links below to shop:

Left collage:

  • Measuring spoons (shop here)
  • Set of 4 bakeware (shop here)
  • Round pie dish (shop here)
  • Square 2 piece set (shop here)
  • Square black and white dish (shop here)

Right collage:

  • Round covered dish (shop here)
  • Rectangle polka dot baking dish (shop here)
  • Rectangle polka dot food storage set (shop here)
  • Measuring cups (shop here)
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