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Decorative Wall Mirrors

I’m currently looking for a mirror to go above my table in my sitting area. I had a canvas art piece hanging there, but it’s just not working and I think I want to do a mirror there instead.

I’m rounding up some really good decorative mirrors that are all under $100 in this post. You don’t have to spend a ton of money on a mirror to get something good. These are all gorgeous and they won’t break the bank.

Shop the mirrors!

Left collage:

  • Rattan arch mirror (shop here)
  • Scalloped arch mirror (shop here)
  • Arched brass mirror, bottom left (shop here)
  • Black metal mirror (shop here)

Right collage:

  • French country mirror, top left (shop here)
  • Ornate vintage inspired mirror (shop here)
  • Oval ornate mirror (shop here)
  • Rectangle ornate mirror (shop here)

Outdoor Chairs

The time has come for outdoor living and dining! Last year I updated our dining chairs, but it’s always fun to see what new things have come out. I’ve put together a few chairs that would be great for outdoor dining spaces.

Shop the chairs!

Left collage:

  • Top: set of two chairs (shop here)
  • Bottom: set of two chairs (shop here)

Right collage:

  • Woven club chairs set of two (shop here)
  • French bistro chair (shop here)
  • Wicker and white set of two chairs (shop here)
  • Wicker rattan chair (shop here)

My Couch Pillow Combinations

I’ve been putting off getting new pillows for my leather couch for several weeks now. I think I thought it would be an overwhelming search, but I actually found something I really liked and in a very short amount of time.

I love the look of a square pillow paired with a lumbar pillow, so I got two of each. Both of these pillows are neutral and will look great with my leather couch.

I found the floral lumbar pillow and also ordered two of those, as I have two of these Albany Park armchairs.

These pillows should be here in the next few days, so I will be sure to share them in a post and in my Instagram stories.

Shop the pillows!

  • Square tufted pillow (shop here)
  • Striped lumbar pillow (shop here)
  • Throw blanket (shop here)
  • Woven floral lumbar (shop here)
  • Gray armchair (shop here)

*Tip: If any of the pillows are out of stock, make sure you sign up for their email notifications. They will send you an email as soon as something is back in stock. This is how I have managed to get my hands on things that seem to always be out of stock.

Art Combinations

I finally painted a wall in my kitchen that was in serious need of attention. I lost track of how many nail holes I filled from the previous owners. It is a small wall and there were probably at least ten nail holes. Now that it’s patched and painted, I’m shopping for art to hang there. Of course I can’t decide, so I put a few combinations together and would love your help! Go check out my stories on Instagram and let me know which combination you like best!

I’m not sure what kind of frame I want, but these are at least the prints that I’m looking at.

Shop the art!

Ocean art:

Lake art:

Landscape art:

Outdoor Pillows

If you caught my recent blog posts, I’ve been sharing designs for outdoor spaces. With so many options for designs, I thought it would be fun to roundup some good outdoor pillows. I’m not a huge fan of the outdoor pillows I chose for my porch last year, so I might start shopping my own picks!

Shop the pillows!

Left collage clockwise from top left:

  • Diamond French knot pillow (shop here)
  • Rose outdoor throw pillow (shop here)
  • Lumbar pillow (shop here)
  • Striped fringe pillow (shop here)
  • Blue and ivory pillow (shop here)

Right collage clockwise from top:

  • Striped lumbar pillow (shop here)
  • Cable knit pillow (shop here)
  • Chevron lumbar pillow (shop here)
  • Cream and black striped pillow (shop here)

Spotlight on Dark Vases

If you saw my Instagram stories the other day, I stumbled upon these vases online and shared them with you guys. I really loved them so I needed to see a few in person. Can you guess which one I ended up getting? You’ll need to follow me on Instagram here to see what I ended up with!

Shop the vases!

  • Two tone vase (shop here)
  • Black vase with handles (shop here)
  • Black modern vase (shop here)

Neutral Living Room: A Little Inspiration For Your Living Room Design

I am in the middle of decorating my living room and thought it would be fun to make an inspiration board for a living room. We have a leather couch and I’m searching for the perfect neutral rug to go with it. I got a little carried away and ended up just designing a whole space. This board was a lot of fun to make, and you will probably see more of these in the future!

Shop the mood board!

  • Sconces (shop here)
  • Canvas art (shop here)
  • Floor lamp (shop here)
  • Console table (shop here)
  • Vase with handles (shop here)
  • Boxwood plant (shop here)
  • Striped pillows (shop here)
  • Lumbar pillow (shop here)
  • Leather couch (shop here)
  • Rug (shop here)
  • Ottomans (shop here)

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