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Living room corner

I recently updated this little corner in my living room. We had an empty corner that needed a little attention, so I added this accent stool and I love the way it looks. The detail on it is superb!

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New Sitting Room Area Rug

I absolutely love my new area rug that I got for our sitting area. It was part of the Wayfair Black Friday sale. I think that this rug is excellent quality and I’m really pleased with how it warms up this space.

Home Decor Finds

If you’ve been following me on LTK (that’s a shopping app that is free to download), then you might have already seen these collages. I love rounding up the newest home decor (and some oldies, but goodies!) for you guys. A lot of the time, something may be very popular when it is first released, and it is very hard to get your hands on. With some time, a lot of those things will eventually come back in stock. Usually, if you see something and it isn’t in stock, you can sign up for the email restock alert and snag the item that way.

Coffee Tables

I had a request on Instagram to share some coffee tables. Since we are also in need of a coffee table, (we haven’t had one in almost 3 years!) I decided this was the perfect thing to shop for.

We ended up getting rid of our old coffee table long before we moved because it was made of metal and stone. With four kids, it just wasn’t practical for us. Now that our kids are a little older, I’m ready for a new one. I think I’ve decided what we are doing for our coffee table, and I’ll give you a hint. It is something similar to the collage above on the right. You’ll have to stick around to see what we end up doing!

Throw Blankets

Not only have I been obsessed with throw pillows, I can’t seem to stop looking at throw blankets! I have several around my house because I love them, and also because my kids are freezing all the time. (I don’t think it’s cold at all in the house, but my kids are always wrapped up in blankets.)

I tend to gravitate towards neutrals, but I decided to round up some throw blankets with a little color in them as well. Not everyone loves neutrals, and some people prefer bright color in their decor.

Shop the throw blankets!

Left collage, clockwise from top left:

  • Striped throw (shop here)
  • Tassel throw (shop here)
  • Herringbone throw (shop here)
  • Yellow tassel throw (shop here)

Right collage, clockwise from top left:

  • Turkish throw blanket (shop here)
  • Herringbone throw blanket (shop here)
  • Cream throw blanket (shop here)
  • Striped throw blanket (shop here)

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