Foton Pearled Candle: A Unique Candle With Multiple Possibilities

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A candle like no other…

One of the perks of running a blog is learning about new companies that are creating cutting-edge, unique products. When Foton Candle contacted me and told me about their pearled candles, I paused. Surely once you’ve seen one candle, you’ve seen them all, right? That’s not the case with this candle!

They explained that their candles are unlike any candles I’ve tried before. Instead of tossing out a container with partially-burned wax (because I certainly am not going to dig the last bit out!), what if you could use every bit of the candle with none of it going to waste? And what if you could customize this candle to any container you want? How about a clean-burning candle? Sounded great to me! Curious? Keep reading!

How it works…

*As always, make sure you follow the safety guidelines provided in their packaging. Safety is most important!

What intrigued me the most about this candle were the small, bright white pearls. They are so soft and almost feel like grains of sand. Yet when you burn the candle, they melt like wax! I chose the ‘mellow mocha’ scent and I loved the soft and subtle smell they emit.

My Foton Candle, 5 Ways

Without further ado, let me show you the five different ways I used my candle, and how I incorporated my containers into my home decor.

I think these would make great gifts this year, or would be great birthday, hostess, or teacher gifts. The candle I received is 18oz and is more than enough for multiple burning sessions. Foton Candle has eight different scents, including a scent-free version if you are looking for something to just create an ambiance without the aroma.

Pretty much any container you have on hand would work as your candle, keeping in mind that you shouldn’t use an item that is flammable.

It should be obvious, but I really love this product. It’s very unique and is great for anyone who loves candles like I do. It’s very versatile and can work with any home decor since it is customizable to your taste.

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5 thoughts on “Foton Pearled Candle: A Unique Candle With Multiple Possibilities”

  1. What a neat idea! You could really make some beautiful and unique displays with this!
    I’d be interested to see what it looks like after it has melted some pearls.

    I’m putting it on my list of gift ideas for Christmas!

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