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After the Christmas decor came down, I decided that I wanted to do something a little different in the entryway. I liked what I had there before, but sometimes it’s fun to just change things up. So I decided that a little entryway refresh was in order!

Most of the items that I used for this refresh were things that I already had on hand. The only new items that I purchased were the olive tree, the stems, and the black candle holder.

I ended up moving my other faux tree to the back patio and it’s perfect out there. This olive tree is a littler taller, so it helps fill the space in the corner a little more.

I’ve had this black vase in my kitchen for a few months now, but it never looked right, so I ended up moving it to the entry and I love the way it looks. I found these stems at Hobby Lobby this week and I think they really look great with black.

I also decided to move the lamp to the other side of the table. If I had kept it in its original spot on the right side of the table, then the black vase would have been on the left side and the stems would have competed with the olive tree. That was a little too much greenery in one spot, in my opinion.

If you want to see my original entryway decor post, you can read that here. Which look do you prefer?

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