Easy Halloween DIY Decor

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I don’t typically decorate for Halloween; I’m more of a fall girl, but I did decide to do a few last minute Halloween decorations this year. (If fall decor is more your thing, check out my two posts I did this season here and here.)

DIY Outdoor Ghost

This was such a fun DIY! If you are on Instagram, you probably have seen these floating around. (Pun intended!) I loved this idea for our porch, so I took the kids to Lowes and Hobby Lobby to purchase supplies.

I didn’t get pictures as I assembled them, but these are fairly easy to do with just a few basic steps:

  1. Tie tomato cages together at the top with a twist tie.
  2. Push styrofoam ball onto the top of the metal until it feels secure.
  3. Measure out large pieces of white fabric and drape over top. *I made sure I picked a billowy fabric so that it would blow in the breeze. I also used two different types of fabric for each ghost since one sheet was a little see-through. Layering two sheets helped to hide the tomato cage.
  4. Optional step: Insert half of a foam wreath in the ‘stomach’ of the tomato cage, so that when the fabric is draped, the ghost looks a little wider in the middle.
  5. Cut out black felt eyes in the shape of your choice and staple or glue on. (I probably could have hot glued on, but I just didn’t feel like putting that much effort into the eyes, so I just used a stapler.)
  6. Anchor the tomato cage at the bottom with two bricks. We quickly found that they easily blew over. The bricks help them withstand the breeze.

Spiderweb Wreath

  1. Use a trash bag or cardboard to protect your work surface, and then fully spray paint your wreath. I did several coats and still missed a few stems here and there. (You can trim out whatever pieces get missed later.) *Spray paint your mini styrofoam balls as well.
  2. Once the wreath is fully dried, open up your pack of spider web and stretch it out until you get the coverage you want. (Stretch and manipulate more for a sparse look, or for a thicker look, don’t stretch it out as much.) I simply draped mine around the wreath and hooked pieces in the back. I didn’t use anything to secure it to the wreath, as the spider web itself is extremely clingy and probably would be impossible to remove.
  3. Assemble your miniature spiders. I cut small pieces of pipe cleaner and simply pushed into the styrofoam balls. Bend the pipe cleaners to create ‘legs.’
  4. Attach spiders to the wreath. I chose to have a few ‘hiding’ under the web to help secure them to the wreath. A few others I simply attached with an extra piece of pipe cleaner and hooked to the wreath. Since the wreath and the pipe cleaners are both black, you can’t see where it is secured. I also liked the idea of one dangling from the wreath, so I just wrapped that one up a little and pulled the webbing down.

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I’ve linked some supplies if you are interested in making these decorations:

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