Capsule Decorating: Decorating on a Budget

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What is capsule decor?

If you saw my first post on capsule decorating, you’ll remember that it mimics the same concept as a capsule wardrobe: selecting a few staple pieces and using them in different combinations to create multiple looks. (If you missed that blog post, you can find it here.) If you can create multiple looks with only a few garments, then it stands to reason that you can do the same thing with your home decor.

I chose to decorate my nightstand in my bedroom again this time, only I am using a new combination of items. Here is a glance at what I am using:

Some of these items are repeats from the last blog post, others are items that I have had for years, some are thrifted finds, and others are new purchases. (I’ll share links to sources or similar items at the end of this blog post.)

How did I choose my items? There is really no wrong way to decorate a nightstand (or bookshelf, in my case) but I will share an easy to follow formula if you are stuck on how to select pieces.

This little guide is a good place to start if you are unsure about what to use. When it comes to the main decor pieces (no. 5), think about using 2-3 small items, 2-3 medium sized items, and 2-3 larger items. That way you won’t be using everything in the same size group. The more varied your sizes, the more interesting combinations you can come up with.

Here are the nine different ways I styled my decor:

Notice that I didn’t use the vase in the second photo (above). You don’t have to use vases to style your shelves, but it certainly adds an extra touch.

You don’t always have to use art either. In the second photo (above) I tried forgoing the framed wall art and I still love the way it looks.

One item that I kept consistently throughout these images is my woven storage box. I keep lotion, chargers, cough drops, and other items in it. I’d say having some type of woven storage box is a must for a nightstand!

This goes to show that you don’t need a ton of things to create different looks. If you follow my guide and use items that you actually love, you will come up with countless looks that you won’t grow tired of.

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