Best DIYs of 2022

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I can’t believe that we are at the end of 2022! This year has gone by so quickly. I feel like we accomplished a lot in our home this year, so I wanted to put together a blog post with the best DIYs of 2022. Some of them were time consuming, and some were super small and easy. I think that it doesn’t matter how hard or easy a DIY is; you should feel satisfaction in completing any project that gets you to the end goal of creating a cozy home for you and your family.

1: Bathroom Renovation

Now that I think back, I’m pretty sure we finished this project in 2021. I didn’t start my blog until February of 2022, however, so I’m including this one in my top five. For the before pictures, you’ll have to read the original blog post here. Trust me when I say that this transformation was a major one!

2: DIY Coffee Table

I can’t claim credit for this one. I had an idea for a coffee table with ottoman storage and my husband took this project on all by himself. For his step-by-step process, check out the original post here.

3: Fireplace Makeover

This DIY was technically a 2021 project, but again, I’m sharing since my blog is only a few months old. The green marble was great quality, just not the look I wanted. I used peel and stick faux marble tile and it has held up wonderfully. The best part is that it can be removed (with a lot of work and elbow grease!) if green marble makes a comeback. Read the original post here.

4: Living Room Wainscoting

While one might argue that it is pointless to put in paneling and then put furniture in front of the wall, I would have to disagree. The paneling adds an extra detail/layer which gives more depth and interest to a space. For the before photos, check out the original post here.

5: Kitchen Backsplash Upgrade

I was not a fan of this tile backsplash, but after struggling to remove tile in another part of our house (sheetrock literally came out in chunks!) I decided I wasn’t mentally prepared to remove it. So I just painted it! It was so easy and feels brighter and cleaner now. Read the original post here.

We definitely have some more projects planned for 2023, and I have written out my goals already for next year. While some people are able to take on several huge projects each year, I keep my goals pretty small. There is no rush to get everything done immediately. Enjoy the process and remember that the little steps add up.

Thank you so much for following along this year! I’m excited to see what 2023 has in store, and I look forward to sharing new posts and inspiration with you over the next year. If you haven’t signed up for my newsletter, you can do that here. Also, make sure you are following on Pinterest and Instagram for more daily inspiration.

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