Bathroom Remodel: Our Downstairs Bathroom Renovation & Transformation

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We moved into our dream house a little over a year ago, and while the house suits us like a dream, there are many updates we have done and even more on our to-do list. One of the first major projects we took on was our downstairs hall bathroom renovation. It was very dated with the original 1999 vanity and stone tile floor.

We liked the size of the bathroom, the plantation shutters, and the floating cabinet above the toilet, but everything else just felt very dated.

The first thing I decided on was floor tile. You can read all about how I decided on what tile to use for the floor in this post. Once the tile was picked out, we started working on removing the vanity. That fun little project lasted about 2 days.

As you can see, we removed the toilet too. We decided that since we were taking it out to have the floor replaced, we might as well just buy a new toilet. Besides, after removing the original toilet and seeing how filthy it was, it just made sense to go with a new (clean) toilet. We went with this toilet.

We hired a local flooring company to remove the tile and install our new tile. I can’t believe what a difference just changing the floor made!

After having the floor installed (grout too), we decided to put up a beadboard wall. At first I was just going to add a cap and call it a day, but then I thought adding a small accent tile strip above the beadboard would finish it off nicely. We made sure to measure the height of our new vanity before starting this aspect of the wall because we needed the backsplash of the new vanity to sit under the tile accent.

Technically the beadboard we chose is not actually approved for bathrooms. I just made sure we used paint with primer, and I caulked every gap visible after we installed. We chose this beadboard and this tile.

As you can tell in the above photo, we had some parts of the wall that were damaged when we removed the builder grade mirror. (We put a huge hole in the wall and then two smaller holes). All of that had to be repaired. The large hole was just below where the tile accent would go. My husband had to measure the hole and put new drywall in that spot. We taped the seam, used joint compound, and then the beadboard went up. I was able to fix the damage of the two smaller holes, as they were basically just chunks taken out of the drywall, with Platinum Patch and then had to sand and texture the wall before painting. (If you haven’t used Platinum Patch before, it is a miracle worker!)

Finally we got the walls painted, toilet in, and vanity in. (Side note: I did not link the vanity because I would not recommend it. We got 3 of them and they were all broken. We finally gave up and ended up keeping the third one even though it was broken in places).

After all of the hard part of this renovation, the rest was fun and fairly simple. My husband and brother-in-law put the counter on, we connected the plumbing, and I picked a simple faucet for the sink. I used the knobs that came with the vanity except on the doors, I used these knobs from Wayfair.

If you skipped ahead of all of the progress pictures to get to the good ones, I don’t blame you. Without further ado, here they are:

We all love a good before and after shot, so here is a side by side for you to see the difference:

I’m so glad that we finished this and that it turned out the way it did. I’m ready to take on our next renovation: the powder room!

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