Basket decor ideas with Goodpick

Disclaimer: This page contains affiliate links. By clicking a link and purchasing, I may receive a small commission. See my disclosure here. Thank you to Goodpick for sponsoring this post and for gifting me this great basket.

Thank you to Goodpick for partnering with me on this blog post. I’ve worked with this company several times and have styled a few baskets of theirs in my home. (My most recent post can be seen here.) I am currently using one in my bathroom closet for storage. (It’s so much nicer to see a basket with things organized inside, instead of items piled up on shelves.) Another basket is being used for toy balls. As a mom of four boys, we’ve accumulated a lot of toys, so this was a great solution.

Bedroom decor & storage

If you’ve followed my blog or Instagram, you might have seen this black vase in my entryway. While I love it there, I decided to create a brown/black decor theme in my bedroom next to my bed. This basket and vase work really well together, and not only is the basket aesthetically pleasing, I can store a ton of blankets inside!

Living room accent piece

I love the idea of using a basket as an accent piece instead of an end table. It’s so much easier to move around too!

Entryway decor & storage

It’s funny how styling one basket can create several different looks. My entryway has some brown and black tones, so I decided to try placing the basket at the end of my entryway table.

I always think adding a blanket draping out of a basket gives it a cozier vibe but I am sharing a few photos of this basket with and without a blanket.

Can you guess where my favorite spot for this basket ended up being? Let me know in the comments and I’ll tell you if you were right!

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I couldn’t resist a few more places in my home for this basket!

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