Antique Shopping, Part One: Salt Lake City, Utah

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My husband and I recently drove from Salt Lake City through several states, and eventually home to Louisiana. The reason for our long drive was that we were picking up a new car in Utah, and we decided to take a week and a half to get back home. We stopped in a few cities along the way, and somehow it turned into an antiquing road trip.

Capital City Antique Mall

The first store we stopped at was Capital City Antique Mall. If you have never been, be prepared to stay for an hour at least. I’m not sure how long I was in there, but it was probably over an hour. They have everything you can imagine an antique store having; most interestingly was the giant emu a man purchased while I was there. Here are a few of the items I found at Capital City Antiques:

The first item I found was the candle snuffer. I loved the mix of metal and wood, so I had to get it. Another fun, unexpected find was the torch (bottom left). My husband said it looked like a flame thrower and I said it looked like it needed a new home.

The three items above are the last items I found at Capital City Antiques. I loved the shape of the little basket and thought it was perfect with a little bit of greenery. I just put it on the bench in my dining room for now.

The nightstand in the middle was a great find! I wanted something unique to use as a side table next to my new Albany Park armchair (you can shop that chair here), and thought this was so perfect. It needs a little work, but that will have to come later.

The brass taper holders are the last items I got. I’m not sure if I want to polish them. I’m liking the worn look.

This shop was probably my favorite that I visited, and I felt that the prices were very reasonable.

Oliver & Princess Natasha

The next store that we went to in Salt Lake City was Oliver and Princess Natasha. We weren’t really sure where we were going and it was cold and rainy but I managed to snap a shot of the building:

It felt a little tucked away, but I’m glad that we managed to find it. It wasn’t as large as Capital City, but definitely full of treasures. I felt that the prices were very reasonable. It’s also attached to The Simple Nest which is a cute, upscale home decor boutique. You should definitely check these stores out if you are in the area.

Didn’t purchase all shown… just the little vintage brass tea pot

Thomson & Burrows Antiques

The next store we stopped in was Thomson & Burrows Antiques. It is full of furniture and lighting. In the back they have a lot of lamp shades sold individually, so if you are in need of a new shade, you might want to check there. The furniture and lighting was a little on the pricey side, so be prepared to spend money if you are shopping here.

Cobwebs Antiques & Collectibles

The last store we stopped in was Cobwebs Antiques & Collectibles. On their second level they have tons of dishes, kitchen items, and vintage tools/oil cans. We actually ended up spending more time on the first floor where they have a huge collection of vintage toys. I ended up purchasing some Mickey Mouse stuff and Teddy Ruxpin books for my son. If you are into vintage toys, definitely check them out!

I’ve decided to break this post into a few parts. Since we visited so many stores, there’s no way I can fit it all into one blog post! Also, as I style these new items, I’ll share snapshots on my Instagram and Pinterest page, so make sure you are following there to see!

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